On the sunny side of life!

Being a longtime transplant to South Florida from the Midwest this place never ceases to be an amazing and happy place to be. My favorite space is the Florida Keys. For me…this is the happiest place on earth.  I am in total love with the ocean, sea life, and cheerful blue skies. You know, even when it is raining…there is a relaxing rhythm to the droplets falling. 

We have a place in the Florida Keys and we travel there regularly, It is where I have my art studio and some of my most creative endeavors have come to fruition.  

With that being said... when sitting on the beach reflecting... I ponder on the people who have left their mark here in the Keys, in one shape or form or another. Some have left spooky trails, while others inspiring ones... some have left more humble less-discussed prints on the sand. 

I for one... am going big! I am leaving a legacy of love and pure positive impact.  What kind of legacy do you want to leave? πŸ’œ


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